How It Works

  • Legal Action Exchange is Australia’s best online channel for selling and funding legal actions.
  • The Liquidator/ Bankruptcy Trustee lodges the details of the litigation and provides an expiry date (not more than 3 months) for expressions of interest.
  • You remain absolutely anonymous on the website. That is, no details of the Liquidator/Bankruptcy Trustee are shown on the website whatsoever – only details of the Litigation is shown.
  • You decide what details of the litigation are submitted – such as (partial list) quantum of claim, breach of what law, is it against an individual or company and what is known about the defendant/s (eg has real property etc).
  • We exchange details of the respective parties leaving the final agreement to be negotiated between them without reference to us.
  • The cost of each litigation submitted is $1,200 (plus GST). A Tax Invoice will be emailed to you for payment within 30 days.
  • The interested parties pay $100 (plus GST) for their details to be forwarded to the Liquidator/Trustee
  • Legal Action Exchange will forward all qualified leads to you and the rest is up to you and the interested party.
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